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Adebis Photo Sorter 1.0

Organize and browse digital photo collections
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Reorganize photo collections by changing file and subfolder names with EXIF and other information. Work with such formats as .jpeg, .tiff, .dng, .nef, .nrw, .cr2, .arw, .pef, .rw2, .raw, and .orf. Specify the destination and set the subfolder naming pattern.

No matter how serious you are about keeping your photo collection in perfect order, it will eventually start growing so fast that you will not be able to control it any longer.
Meaningless folder names created in a rush, photos copied from several cameras into a single folder, parts of the same photo session scattered across the hard drive - all of these problems are quite common among users who often download lots of digital images from their camera and other media.

Adebis Photo Sorter is a one-stop shop for automatic reorganization of your photo collection on the basis of the EXIF data found in digital photos and the sorting criteria you define.

The program supports the majority of popular image formats, including JPEG, TIFF, DNG (Adobe); NEF, NRW (Nikon); CR2 (Canon); ARW (Sony); PEF (Pentax); ORF (Olympus); RW2, RAW (Panasonic). Apart from photo sorting, this tool enables you to quickly rename multiple photos using a mask, form groups of photos on the basis of the time difference between them and sort images of specific formats that were created within a certain time frame.

Main features:
- Sorting and structuring of the entire photo collection on the user's system
- Batch renaming of photos with the help of user-defined masks
- Creation of chronologically sorted photo series from multiple source folders
- Inclusion of EXIF data into filenames during batch renaming

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